Racism in the Queer Scene:
Perspectives, Experiences, Sensibilization

Workshop from LesMigras:
Racism in Trans*Inter*Queer Communities

t.b.a. 2pm-7pm Monaliesa (accessible for wheelchairs) rollstuhlgerecht
Bernhard-Göring-Straße 152, 04277 Leipzig

In our workshop we want to deal with racist structures in our trans*inter*queer communities and to talk about ways and possibilities to erupt and transform them. Above all the workshop is arranged practical and works with your experiences and examples. Depending on the positioning of the participants it is possible to make certain methods in smaller groups, e.g. to have sensibilization- or empowerment-groups.
Please register for the workshop by writing an e-mail to: rgl[at]stura.uni-leipzig.de

1001 times against orientalism and racism – racism against muslims in the queer scene and above

29.11. 7pm RosaLinde (not accessible for wheelchairs)
Lange Straße 11, 04103 Leipzig


my likes: dev young boys – shaved guys – no beard – asians or blacks

GermanTop removes this year to Philippines and surch for 1-3 bottoms or slaves to live with

…Do you know these kind of comments? Although often performed as progressive, racist comments and behaviour are frequent in mainly white dominated queer spaces and strucutres. The construct of ‚muslim homophobia‘ has not only negative impacts on migrants but especially on muslim as well as non-muslim queers of colour in the scene.
Saboura Naqshband and Ahmet Sitki Demir introduce the construct and the way anti-muslim racism is working through a scenic sample-reading consisting of poetry and scientific and historical texts: Queer-muslim positions will get introduced and racist phantasies going to be revealed. Together with our guests we want to work out how we can mess up the fears of an allegedly islamization of the occident.

Young, Gender Gifted and B(L)ack

5.12. 7pm Monaliesa (accessible for wheelchairs) rollstuhlgerecht
Bernhard-Göring-Straße 152, 04277 Leipzig

WoMANtís RANDom and SchwarzRund are going to share two from various different Black perspectives across different ways of art.
SchwarzRund is blogging, poeticizing, performing and writing in different shapes about her view on a strongly hetero-, cis- and white coined country and about her positions and privileges in this society. She has cis-privileges, is Black, queer, fat and neurodivers. A recurring topic of her work: How does it feel to be in a community if someone is experiencing more than just one or two forms of opression? How are racism, sexism and ableism etc. working together?
During the event she is going to weave categories together on stage and show which ways of artistic expression are her way to describe ditches.
schwarzrund.de / we-worte.de

WoMANtís RANDom is ‚4th Wave Femme-inist‘, non-cis performance artist. After WoMANtís RANDom graduated from a Master in Gender-, Feminist- and Women’s Studies, WoMANtís RANDom moved to Berlin and plays at RANDom places to animate experiences intersectional. Thereby linguisticality plays an essential role. They use JAZZPUNK to recreate text contents from a non-cis and gender-gifted perspective. During the event WoMANtís RANDom will perform an ectract of their current stageprogramme ‚Animating Experience‘ and at the same time reporting about global politics from their personal perspective.

Film Screening about Marsha P. Johnson

10.12. 7pm RosaLinde (not accessible for wheelchairs)
Lange Straße 11, 04103 Leipzig

Shown will be a documentary about the life and activism of Marsha ‚Pay It No Mind‘ Johnson: revolutionary Trans*Of Colour activist, Drag Queen and Stonewall resistance fighter. In 1969 the Christopher Street was a well known area of the LGBTQI movement in New York. Queer and Trans*People were regularly targeted and arrested by the police. In the night of the 27th to the 28th June 1969 riots started during a police raid in front of the Stonewall Inn. Those riots entered history as the Stonewall-Riots. At those riots, it were Queer- and Trans*People of Colour who started to resist the police violence and with that, they entered a new point in the LGBTQI movement. Especially with the view on todays Christopher Street Days and its appropriation through a predominantly White-, Cis-, middleclass Gay- and Lesbian movement it is important for us to show this movie which is remembering Marsha P. Johnson and other Queer- and Trans* of Colour fighters.


We want to make the events accessible for everyone who is interested. Unfortunately not all locations are wheelchair accessible.
If you need assistance or if you have any other questions or needs, write us: rgl[at]stura.uni-leipzig.de

All the events will be in German Phonetic Language, the movie will be in English. If there is a need for translation in other languages (English, French, Russian, Arabic, Vietnamese, german sign language) please write an e-mail at least a week before the event to: rgl[at]stura.uni-leipzig.de Unfortunately the movie and the performance from WoMANtis RANDom can not get translated.

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